Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day To Me!

Happy father's day to me- 
                   but-----before i go further--please excuse me.
    i've been re-miss in keeping up this blog.
Zo----i must write on--right on!
                my father's day actually started saturday--eric and julie were going to play and had 
"guest billing" at a concert with the california guitar trio,at the Sellersville theatre .
             But the day started early with eric playing at Nearfest in Bethlehem.
in a band oblivion sun,the progrock based fest----was interesting---and gave me oportunity to shop at a couple of c-d booths---and i scored the first Renaissance complete-cd--i only had a partial on a compilation--and a great recent Procal Harum --live with a orchestra from 2006-
no idea of band--except for the great Gary Brooker.---but a sweet find----the last gem---was a non-related---bonus type John Mayall,Eric Clapton-bluesbreakers -cd-that i've not listened to
                   Eric did what he usually does when drumming in a band.
He fits----he drives---makes the rhythm section better.What a show! the band was tight ,playing old and new songs---a great start to a musical day.
                 Then we reloaded Eric's Boom Theory kit-------hmm Mr.Ludwig----hasn't shown his face YET--
                    anyway----and treked to Sellersville for a sound check and first true practice of songs that were to be played just hours away---- 
                       Zo------again -----we arrived exact same time as Julie and Matt--came from Philly-

                        Paul-Hideyo-and Burt graciously greeted us and soon there was music.WOW
It was great to see a practice --soundcheck turn into the show we witnessed later that night.
                       Whilst the band finished working on material--we grabbed a meal with Matt
his parents and sister.
                         The band opened with seven or so songs----all the usual quality of showmanship
before announcing the additional bass and drums to a rather "nice applause" --
                          We purchased the--LIVE recording made that night----and have delighted 
at it's quality and substance. 
                           I'm pretty sure Robin's blog has set list etc-----you've probably read it already.
u-tube's--quote's from fan's-----i know the usual---------
 There's talk of some future studio recording----like i said earlier----what a father's day weekend---
                           Woke up sunday---fed-walked etc--the Monty---got ready--went to a great brunch--at Rembrandt's with Eric-Robin--with Julie serving-------
                           Eric made me a great card-Julie tells me i'm in for a new guitar------a PARKER
oh yeah--------and they're getting ready for a bunch of touring ----The release of "e"near----

                            "e" is coming
                                                    "e"is coming-------am i happy-?---excited? 
                  is this titled-----Happy Father's day to -----me-??
                          well i promise -------next ---post----shortly
                                          Love----Peace---to all

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Guitar God VII - Pete Townshend

Ha-won't get fooled again-eh?
let's hope she didn't use odorono--and when we meet the new boss-
it's not "same as the old boss"-in a couple of weeks
So---c'mon gary
the man--youngman(ain't got nothin in the world these days)-thank you mose allison
anyway--yes NUMBER 7---------on slickdaddys list------pete
argue with me all you want--maybe you agree-?
but from that morning--long ago in our kitchen back in olney
wibg--radio 99 good ol a/m radio
Well--it changed mine---for on that morning--my mom shoving a bowl of hot oatmeal at me,
i heard---i can see for miles---
Joe Niagra---the morning d/j--(i am the dj i am what i play)(shut your mouth dave)
well joe said--"wow that'll wake you up-!!!"---and boy did it---
i know--rimshot--gary--drummer-----pete's a guitar guy------but-----
after i listened-heard said rimshot---i had a thirst-------who the hell are the WHO?
i saw them in some teen magazines
pete had one hell of a snoz--
john looked mean--keith a wack--
and of course the girls liked roger
my generation--and earlier stuff hadn't made much radio play
philly a/m radio had mixes of r and b---top forty-pop--------
and not alot of english---yeah --the beatles stones pacemakers hermits freddy kinks---and kinks weren't long----they got banned-----oh yeah manfred mann zombies----but finding these records was almost as hard as getting to hear them-------
so--off to gettlin records**long gone --from north 5th st--
"do you have Who records"?---(sorry--not goin into who-?-yeah--etc--)(it's been over-done)
"which-?"----"i don't know"--oh some kid ordered my generation----no----i want--"sellout"--
alright--give me two bucks-i'll call you when it comes in---takes--about a week
a week later--another--.69 cents added to the two-dollars--and i was a richman
to--this day--one of my desert isle albums----and according to most of adrian belew's crew--from andre-saul-john-biffman----where on more than one occasion--one of us would break into something like--"me and my brother-were talking to each other"---and another voice would say--"about what makes a man--a man"--(TATOO)
Anyway---yes---from that time in early 1966-----til today
the who--pete---real faves--
the even earlier stuff--high numbers--generation quick one--then magic bus--and as radio changed-----NO STATIC AT ALL-f-m--------came 1968--progressive radio----(not necessarily--
but included prog-rock)----came tommy---
Now i saw the beatles in 66-(12)
So--69---was my first years at seeing--bands live--with friends***(not mom)
i first saw pete--70---the live at leeds tour---(spectrum philly)---james gang opened---
and--behind the band----a old school--pull down type screen--for--------LIVE black and white-
"closed circuit"type video of the performing musicians-------weird--yeah
but what a show
if you have the "extended version"of live at leeds---or isle of wight--yeah that's my first
as i said in earlier stuff---i have drum in my heart----so this was keith at keith's best--but mr-
TOWNSEND------his songs-words---from his twelve bar rips---with the traditional--one step up---after first two verses then chorus'------stuff---to the magic of rael--tommy story-
the call me lightning---basic rock--to the quadroprenia----masterpieces-------
he was-is---one of the most powerfully energetic musician's--i've ever seen------he enbodies rock and roll
and for me a wonderful musician---voice
as with every guitarist so far on this list---a unique voice on instrument
i bought my gibson sg--fender tele-(set up twin buckers)---umm why---cause pete-------
but imitation--is as close as i can get to pete----(aw--but i always liked-you sound like pete meets dave-keith-maybe somebody else mixed in there-gary)
for my own guitar playing is more rhythm/lead/but more rhythm than lead--guy-----guitar guy thing------------

so sad fact---last time we saw the who--was the concert series---right after the ox's--passing--
we had hope's of julie/eric seeing at least the three
we had a close---try at meeting john---his artwork was shown at a south street gallery--we had
an early bass of julie's in tow--trying to get a meet//who could resist her-"would you sign this sir"------but two----as they say bula-gula's for bodyguards--HEY YOU --"you're not allowed up here"--------DAMN---so
I put Pete--at my number 7-------listen to some of live at leeds----and other live stuff---pete can stretch---------he had some un-inspired stuff---off and on-------
but i think he keeps his chops pretty------meaty beefy big and bouncy
to miss julie slick----you've entered blog--world
ps--number-8-next------with a rant on top


Thursday, September 4, 2008

Guitar God VI - George Harrison

sorry if i mislead ya---
after those first five truly technicians of their axes-----probably my TRUE #1
but in this list--6--
george my inspirational one,for without me seeing him and johnny
rickenbacker--gretsch--in hands--or arms---
i had lived thru--although very young--elvis-buddy-chuck-eddie-carl-james-bo-
all those 50's icons---when i was like four---i went out trick or treating as elvis---
burnt cork--sideboards---ha---and my hair---greaseeed up---with my disney--micky mouse--
crank on the side---ukelele----that played pop goes-----but i burst in---with a "you ain't nothin but a hound----"and boy did i score candy--and pinched cheeks---anyway-------
my point is-----i remember early days of rock and roll--then crap---for too many -like 5-years---then---summer of 63--i grew up here in philadelphia--section of the city called olney--and there were these "trucks"---that had amusements built on them--one had this

mini-ferris wheel--another a couple of whip type cars that rode around in circle---
these trucks had 45rpm record players on them--
you'd pay a nickle or dime--for a ride--the guy would ride you for usually two records
like 5 minutes-and that summer i heard--from me to you-please please me-she loves you-and
i'll get you---all early singles of the beatles---i was really interested--but wouldn't SEE-what
caught my interest--until--feb-64--------ed sullivan show---
and yes like the kennedy thing----"i was sitting in my living room"--staring at the tv-----
my family all eyes with me----
"dad--mom---i want one of those guitars"---yeah---ok----ask santa----
and i did----but my guitar wasn't "one of those"-----anyway---
when i really-truly---remember back---the drums-were what i wanted----my dad loved drums---a big krupa follower
i had a sears roebuck--paper--headed-set-for an earlier christmas--that lasted til new years
really--really did--went out in the trash within 2-weeks----
anyway---i briefly requested drums---got the you are insane look
and by the time--a hard days night--came out---being george or john was the cooler thing--
so-i got the folk guitar-that christmas--followed by an electric--a year later
anyway---after learning how to play--you look for someone to aspire to be--and george was my first---me wanna be----
i see lists published--top--100--etc----and most put george after top ten---
but not me-mine----(missing--i)---ha----so---to me -too important---and shouldn't be-or get diminished----his solo's---his songs----most to me--just amazing---yeah i know mccartney's influences--or do this'-------are part of why some diminish his skills---but look how influential
the stuff he did was-----is
listen to his slide work-!!!---the 70's stuff----
and i guess "all things must pass"--umm grammy---as far as i remember--first-maybe only triple record--to do that---oh yeah---and his "friend"--mr eric----not a slouchy sideman on so many of george;s recordings----yeah---check sleeves of records---or liner note stuff--of his recordings---for the people who "wanted" to record with him----
and--although not as busy as eric--with "sidework"--george was a busy guy--with everything from cheech and chong to soundtracks
in the late 60's---i was still a teenager and pondered sometimes why george was george--
you know the indian influence--his "spiritual"changes--but i accepted what he was doing--actually admired---him for being him
later in my life i was quite happy to have knowledge of things he lived--talked about in his music--i found a lot of useful things in his music----words
so yeah--he was no speed-demon guitar soloist--but--listen to lennon's--"how do you sleep"-
especially the anthology-(lennon;s)-----killer slide----
and oh yeah--don't know what the "wilbury's" would have been without him---
i know i have "no idea"what my life woulda been like---if there was no--george harrison---
in my life
oh yeah--he didn't write that one--but did cover it--"here's one-jake wrote"
oh yeah--another first----bangla-desh concert-----
so--number six is his spot on my list
and yeah--i still miss him
hey-------maybe a break--on next post---
i feel a rant----coming on----peace---love---gary

Friday, June 20, 2008

Guitar Gods IV and V: Jimmy and Jeff

well here i am--back into the guitar gods----numbers 4 and 5--done together
in my mind--because these two---are almost equals--hmmm--same band---(cough)-YARDBIRDS
and eric-no.2--also-same band---maybe they were influential-?---well at least to me---
and---------this is MY list---
so number 4--jeff beck---he did replace clapton---or at least took his place--
the band did commercialize their sound---i'll buy that--ha---and i did-
but i had been primed--really loved "english bands"---and once guitar playing was more than a passing fancy---or phase--as parents like to say---(maybe why the first guitars i received--were in-expensive models)
mom--george plays a gretsch-john-a rickenbacker---
oh--they don't sell them here-
where---i live in america-?----well yeah theory was---don't spend a lot--"it'll pass"
but-----so--i'm listening---and back then-mid-60"s---a/m radio---in philly---only two stations--famous 56---and 99--wibbage---
r+b-mixed with pop stuff top 40-----
beatles absolute number one--for me---as a band--but i read the teen mags--
heard about the different english invasion bands--they started to get radio play--
so herman's hermits-dave clark 5-chad/jeremy-stones-kinks-jerry and the pacemakers--
then the who----but those yardbirds----every guitar playing friend worth his weight--
talked about relf--with clapton--burning up the discs--then JEFF taking his spot--
like eric has done quite often---"not hang around"----go and grow---
and we all won---clapton hone's his blues-----jeff steps into shoes----and the yardbirds kept on soaring---
shapes of're a better man than i--nazz are blue---over under---
well you know----and the sounds were changing--amps bigger more powerful--
the fuzzboxes--new experiments with altered sounds----
ahh the 60's----well once again that band morphed---in a second--i'll get to more--and number5------but jeff then did the my band thing---beck ola-and truth-----just priceless---influences to me-----his wah-wah--on ain't superstitous--jimmy's beck bolero---wow-what records----and then his jazzfusion----70's killer records---
blow by blow-and wired----then his jan hammer records---
yeah that's a catalog---
number-5---jimmy page----studio--guy---yardbird bassist then--takeover----whew--
there's a start---or "upstart"-
now-tell me--DONOVAN'S--hurdy gurdy man-----if that--almost baritone sax sounded growl of a guitar solo---doesn't raise the pressure---you be stone----
one if my fave solo's--
and boy did the competition--of him and number 4----inspire some great records---
the jeff back group vs.--led zepp-------
i was talking earlier about a/m radio----well late 60's--thank the lord---F/M---
and in the beginning there was "underground"radio-------oh yes--i experienced---
be jealous------it was wonderful-
so when first zep--then II--came out--wowowowie--probably best first two---records ever---from this era---

well this era was full of "first two"sometimes three--four--oh i'm sorry being around during this era---was very special---
anyway---when it comes to especially great guitar "climaxes"---and during "hit" records--
the first five "guys"--on MY list---are hard to beat--
i know he has life after zeppelin-----but his best to me---is the before and during
some personal--hi--lites
well back in the 80's--you may remember a series of concerts held in a few halls around the world for "ARMS"-- a benefit to raise awareness and fight--m/s-----which ron lane had---
ron--from the "faces"---had many friends---
so robbi and i---boarded the amtrak---to madison sq--garden--------with "hopes" the rumour was true+++
eric-jim-jeff------all playing to----gether
what a night and yes---it was magical----
each had played with their "bands d'jour"
jimmy had paul rodgers-----clapton---his 80's guys--
jeff doing some wild rockfusion
but then bill wyman--chas---i'd have to check the video--don't remember some other backups
with----eric-jimmy-jeff---all playing together --then "soloing"
so like when they did "further on up the road"--each playing backup==as each solos----
jeff kinda leaning next to eric as jimmy wailed--jim and eric kinda "wow check jeff out"--
and as always--when eric is "challenged"-----smirks then rifles off some fingering-riffys----
like it's a deathmatch--and he ain't losing---i remember jimmy and jeff----looking to each other
"yeah he's on tonight"
so like i said ---those yardbirds-------helluva band eh?
and the afterlife--worth checking out----when all was said and done and no life left-in the yardbirds---and both jim --jeff really "kept the idea alive"---lead singer hot guitarist----etc--
keith relf--lead singer from 'birds"-----started early proggers--------Renaissance
check out-----find the first record------john hawkens on piano--great bass---right from same period as king crimson-yes-'s first stuff---really good music---
well i'm a babblski-----so-----1 thru 5--------"who's next"
(a clue or a bluff)---peace and love----------gary

Friday, June 13, 2008

ADRIAN BELEW POWER TRIO IS THE BEST LIVE BAND - and the pictures aren't bad, either

WOW-!!!---i take great pix-tures--don't i-? it's easy with this subject or these subjects--which are one in the same-or one being//entity--the ADRIAN BELEW POWER TRIO!!

for those following the guitar-god thingy i've been writing--this is a temporary but actually possibly a continuation---eh??

i was lucky enough last friday--to leave work-3.30pm--get to the home-grabbed my coat-grabbed my hat-sorry-sir paul- throw some cloth-ing in a satchel page--i grabbed--dashed to the patriot and drove on down south--(have to say that in the foghorn leghorn voice)---down past the masey-dix-on---line--to the home of (in the navy)---or as lt smash--said "yvan eht nioj"-------to annapolis jeeves---to THE RAMS HEAD--

as computer directions---no advertisements in this blog---usually get me close until the last minute when it all goes wrong -but seemingly always----at that moment the phone rings---"dad-are you almost here"?---

sorry julie--call you right back--so--i get straightened out--i'm a moment away---

"dad---adrian says-we're not going on til you are here"---and in the background---
"she's right gary"---familiar voice---that "elephant talk guy"----

oh i'm parking now---be right in----

right to green-room---hugs-hello's---"break a leg"---etc---

"hey we're gonna do--planet e---first time tonight"--just for you---

awwwwwwww--shucks--(thank ya jimi)-----

so i get seated---they do their--animalistic voodooo secret handshake is better than a kiss rituals--(partially seen in Hideyo's roadcam blogthing)(he's in cgt)----

and the show is going----on---

i kinda get setup-right behind eric--and bam-!!

what a show---i hadn't heard live the re-arranged sets

----broke in two parts--

usually--the new or jammy-xperimental----(an understatement)--first set----


break---second set another new one added-something changed----a little different towards the end------

but---i'll always be labeled being prejudiced--they are the BEST LIVE BAND out touring-----HANDS DOWN!!!

don't get me started-----ok---can't help this---totally amazing---!!
dot explanation point dot com----

so---as stated--they did **planet e** awww ahuh ahuh--FOR ME---according to my introduction---"to the man who spawned a new generation of rockers"----or somethin like that---and no---no relation that i know of to earl--------whew!---i"m better lookin--anyway---

the new songs--as always--the extended slightly different each night usuals----
my god, truly amazing trio of "power and terror"-thank ya robert

at this time---i want to thank all the old friends--new friends-i just met-people that
i spent this past weekend talking to--explaining--"the stories//legends"of my experiences-with ade--my children--etc---always a pleasure--

the management there--ram's head--really first class

lucky me--on to next gig------something--or somebody---bodies--are met--on way out of town---(please see robin's upcoming blogpost either today or tomorrow)"i thought you said--no advertise-mints---gary--?"

she's my wife--shut-up-

anywho--on to-----t-neck------home of many banks--snewjerseys----to a normally great place to gigg---mexi cali blues---

and its still a great venue--but check the weather channel--next time---not their fault but saturday was record like breaking HEAT----probably 120--degees onstage---their air--was severely over-worked---

bergen--school of rock opened--great "yes"---set---a couple kc---they did great

a buddy of mine --from work drove up from philly-with his ladyfriend-stayed same hotel

also---as far as I KNOW---stayed away from 420---------"not really a party---but some chab li---cheese---some crackers"---

anyways-----another fan---tastic show-----

and seriously i've seen tons of bands----right now----this is THE BEST--live band out now

if----i was a richma---oh stop-----if i wasn't related---i was justaguy---
aguywholoves proggyrock----intelligent rock----whatever class///hate that--

i would be screaming----eric you fff-n----rule!!!!----julie--you kickass-monster-chickbassplayer magazine-june issue-checkitout-along with who's the guitarplayer magazine-june issue also-riff section guy----atriumbelew--!


so again---wokeup got outta bed dragged acomb--brush really--on my head---
left--teaneck---had breakfast--we rated a 10----adrian's style potato's---really a good start------off to------THE CITY OF TROY, new york---you trojan---went thru one hell of a thunder-thunder-thundercats---thunderstorm to REVOLUTION HALL----a really super venue

eric's girlfriend in area--(so he's feeling good)--weather now better than recently--
and like i said really great place to play

some family--robin's nephew garrett-brosis in law and family from conn----there

good soundcheck=preshow meal---

good local opener----solo guy--later joined by aguy who could play lennon in RAIN---both good acoustic players--

here we go--another wonderful performance--stellar actually--

i'll ask this now-----adrian---"please-please---record futurevision-maybe for upcoming-cd"?with this trio--please buddy----i'm lucky--have heard the off the board-
version---------man---a great song done even HOTTER------MY GOODNESS---its good----

another hi--lite or two---besides the music---TROY-is a town that loves adrian--good fz base--and they love eric---know him from Project Object------but you shoulda heard the JULIE-JULIE-JULIE-chants.

ade gave me another great introduction-awww--he's such a nice guy-----

during a recess period i took--got to talk to some fans---there were some from northampton mass--burlington vt---wow----and a bunch had been "camping"like at some festival that was a "jamthing"*something---(sorry-lotta miles over weekend)---they had "prepped"--(their word)--by watching "rock school"--the documentary--and accompanying soundtrack---both that feature a youthful eric slick and julie slick---

so ----what a weekend---can't wait til the river cruise--ny---

lotsa great upcoming---f-o-c-k-(friends of crimson king)---stuff and more-----
so---sorry--i'll not keep you on pinsandneedles---about god-guitar people--4and5

stay tuned same bat-time---(oh you 60's people)---------

oh wait----lotsa people now making some comparisons----i've seen-----sounds like---
cream meets return to forever----he's moon-rich-baker-bruford-williams-like or
she's a woman--sorry paul--who plays like pastorius-bruce-ent-squire----

one thing i do know-----futurevision-futurevision-futurevision---and-------
I LOVE THIS POWER TRIO---that sounds like an orchestra---or a jazz trio--or a

----so---love peace------gary

and i'm one hell of a photo-grapher


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Speaking of Adrian Belew...

From Friday night's show in Tampa...unreal


Guitar Gods Part III - Lone Rhino

WOW--great picture---by me--like five feet away---World Cafe Live--winter tour 2008
So ummm--i told you i was gonna jump right on with Number 3 of my GUITAR HEROES--

not being prejudiced


i wouldn't lie--really--late 70's--early 80's--i still liked to play guitar--alas no contact with any persons-i'd played with--so usually sunday's---get a little whacked--plug in guitar--play with records---play along all afternoon---picked up "Lodger"---playing----huh-----next song---wha--------pickup cover--sleeve----Adrian---who??

yes----quite---different----and maybe--i had no idea---what he was doin---or better yet--how-
he was doing it--BUT I LOVED IT---

unfortunately i lost him--after bowie stuff--never knew the zappa--stuff til later----kinda same
with king crimson----but once the kids started---with rock school--eric was watching--zappa
video's---crimson---in fact---our neighbor--louis---who played guitar over the house--with our
eric and julie---lou quickly became nicknamed---little "adrian"

elelphant talk quite a popular riff---three of perfect---same---

ANDRIAN BELEW---number 3----THREE-


when i first saw ade--live--late-2005-i was amazed---and by the time i was with them---
the adrian belew power trio--in germany summer of 2006- wow----what a musician!

Germany---was really interesting---scary actually for adrian--

most of his equipment--amps---pedals---were lost----

THE SHOW--must go on--julie's bass--arrived just hours before the performance--but adrian wasn't as lucky--

i can remember ken---and adrian talking--

"boss---you can do this---just the parkers through marshalls--you're roughing it--but you can handle it"----nervous smiles accompany----

then the band bursts onto stage----

wow--they were raw---but---hot--really---

the two youngsters-pushing adrian----wowwwwwwwiiie--

i was filming ---feet in front of it all--pinching myself--asking myself-is this real-----SIR-REAL--

yes---adrian grew up listening--loving--Jimi---just like me---

ade's masterful-feedback-twangbar-whammying---was truly--amazing that afternoon--
of course in the time since---how many show-soundcheck-rehearsal--etc-----have i been privy to---where i still sit---in awe---this man has his own---"VOICE"

i saw this documentary--on les paul---i know adrian has met-les--i was fortunate myself to meet lester---at a celebration of his 90th---birthday---don't get sidetracked---oh yeah les invented sidetracking also---so---i realized---they had told stories-of les and mary---taking all these tape machines--on road trips--aka gigs--so he can have his own "sound"--or "voice"like he had in his recordings----do'oh--who's a modern day--"les"---

well--johnson amps--with "special"programmings--that lovely set of pedals and such---on floor at "the feet"---boy sounds like--adrian belew----well nothing sounds like adrian.

seriously number three----for me---mainly for these reasons---unique-artistic-great skilled player--(witnessed at germany show mentioned earlier-pay attention)-and great riff//songwriter------------

I recently had the pleasure to see perform--a little jazzy style set---with local guitar great-
greg davis--wally smith--keys---greg knows---(he saw the ABPT at the world cafe show in March)--my interests---

says---hey-gary--who's your fave five---i get to two---he stops me---"hey--same as me----but-3-gary--??"

i look at him ---simultaneously----ADRIAN-----we actually agree thru-5----but i'm adrianinnnnnggggg now---(is that a verb?)

anyway---i can go on forever---praising this guy----

his solo-bands-duets----the playing's just other worldly----and know well-----what's going on with the power and terror---which are the Power Trio----

i've seen jimi-eric-jimmy-jeff-al-stevie-pete-(i'll stop)---along with their bands--trios-etc-
and each and every show--I've seen--has out-topped each-----

and so the amazing thing is---he can be the lone rhino-dinosaur-big electric cat but he's my number three---guitar hero---god----and my friend------

how lucky---

like this coming weekend--annapolis-t-neck-troy----i'll be there-

well---i think--nos.4 and 5-will be next---a little two at once---